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Global Leadership Institute (Math Club)


The mission of Global Leadership Institute, a non-profit organization, is to train our 2nd-generation students through local volunteer service as leaders in the global village. By educating them to the cutting edge of 21st-century science, starting with the CUSD Math Club and gradually expanding to all of America’s school districts, we will nurture these students into a movement that can save America and build the global village. Global Leadership Institute,Among other special events, our club distributes school supplies and holds a Korean Culture Night in the first week of October to promote multicultural harmony in our local society. 

Members who perform over 150 hours of volunteer service are eligible for service certificates and letters of recommendation from principals, superintendents, senators, and the president of the United States.


Global Leadership Institute Math Club Multicultural Festival Night

꿈을 실은 GLIMC 호는 새로운 도약과 푯대를 항해하기 위하여 닻을 올리고 뱃 고동은 울러 펴졌다. 이날 밤...