A Friday Night That Brightened the Inland Area

This is the starting point of a larger plan to raise these second-generation students into service-minded citizens who will save America. Among the students who have volunteered even during their vacations these last four years are Math Club President Kenny Seung Jin Jeong, Vice President Richard Won, and Junho Park, who admit that although they have worked hard, they have learned the value of service in shaping a leader.

At a yearly event that typically celebrates second-generation students of all ethnicities, certificates were presented from 6 to 8 p.m. by an august gathering of leaders including the mayor; Dr. Chris Hollister, principal of Los Osos High School; the Honorable James Na, president of the Chino Valley Unified School District and a 1.5-generation Korean speaking on special invitation; Ms. Sally Hesseltine, president of American service organization Lighthouse; and other local leaders who transcend the barriers of race in the spirit of service. Later in the evening, the second-generation students at Korean Culture night were inspired even further with a special presentation by Rev. Dr. Byung Sang Lee Family, and a dinner party attended by 200 rounded out this night of success and celebration. To pull off that party, each parent prepared a dish representing a different country.

As part of the Math Club that has come to represent the Inland Area, Dr. Moses Park Pastor has worked these past twenty years to educate second-generation students, not resting during school vacations but sinking deep roots in the area through volunteer work over the last four years. 

As we instill in our second-generation children a spirit of local and national service, we must spare no effort in molding them into standout leaders in the global village. Nor can we forget that the fruits they one day bear will grow from the seeds we plant.